May 14th, 2011 - my windowsill and vases

ok, I thought the vases were empty...


A couple of shots of the windowsill. There is nothing on it but empty vases. Certainly no food. And certainly no real plants (one vase had fake flowers in it and a dead mouse!). Real plants are a no-no when you have mice, they love to eat the plants and dig in the dirt. Nothing like waking up to that every morning. My poor mom got 2 plants for Mother's Day. They absolutely killed the lovely little yellow rose plant and dug like hell through the other one. I replaced the yellow rose plant for her and it now hangs in the livingroom instead of on her bedroom windowsill. I'm sure they'll find a way into it again but for now at least she has it for a while.


See the pee? All around the top of that lovely little plant holder and in the other picture, where I moved the vases that were there you can see the marks where they were. Nice eh? You know, on May 18th, 2011 I sent a letter to housing. To several of the new people there at head office. Invited every one of them to come and sit in my home after dark... lol Not a single person answered on it. Really doesn't surprise me. Maybe I should name them?? Sure.. I don't give a damn any more. I sent it to: Steve Floros, Len Koroneos, Case Ootes, Loriann Girvan, Deborah Simon and our lovely Mayor, Ron Ford. It was a letter about something else but this was mentioned in it as well. Steve Floros (who is paid over $100,000 a year) answered with basically a form letter about the other concern in the email but never mentioned my invitation. Deborah Simon is on vacation. The rest... not a freakin word.


Here we go. Another shot of the filth on the windowsill and the second shot is of course.... a dead mouse! I couldn't believe it. Under the fake flowers in the green vase was a dead mouse. Looks like it tried to eat some of the plastic bits from the flowers. Gross.


So this is the dead mouse in the green vase with the fake flowers in it. And next to it is... another dead mouse in another vase!!! TADA!! yup, the grey vase next to it also had a dead mouse of it's own in it too. How lovely. A 2 dead mouse day that day.

Just as a footnote to all this,today is actually May 21st while I'm doing this and yesterday I found yet another dead as a doornail mouse under a coffeetable. It had been dead some time though but still..... they never end. I don't get to update this as often as I like because I'm too busy cleaning this freakin place.


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