I am so sick of this too. Thieves! Hired ones at that! The night of the fire I said to City and Housing staff to please make sure there is a cop or guard at every single entrance to this building. I didn't want to see us endure what the people did at 2 Secord Avenue did pretty much a couple of years ago. They were robbed blind while out of their apartments. I was assured this would not be the case here. There is a guard at every entrance and they will stay there too. As well as ones inside the building. Our property was safe.

Sure, until you hire the contractors and cleaners and everyone else then things start to disappear. Even my disabled parking permit! And if you think that's easy to replace now-a-days you are sadly mistaken. First you go to Service Canada and get 2 forms. One goes to the police because now you must report it stolen. The other one is for your Dr. Yup.. you must have him start all over again and fill that damn thing in. Then you have to trot yourself back to Service Canada with both forms and you'll finally get a temporary one.

Or how about the woman, while out of the building, gets a call from Metro Police telling her they have her computer in their custody. Seems it was picked up with other stolen goods in a pawn shop. The problem?? Well it was in her apt. when she was evacuated at 10 pm on September 24th, 2010. It must have got up and walked out while she was evacuated.

Or how about the seniors program. Robbed blind. Stole the microwave, inside it were 2 expensive carving knives, and a chef's knife and an electric carving knife. All gone. Gone with it was also a huge box with 200 sectioned food containers in it, 10 chairs that were purchased out of the program developers own pocket at $35.95 each and shipping and taxes.

And then we have the lady that runs an after-school program. Every year her kids get Christmas presents and she already had them ready. Lots of toys and amongst them these adorable stuffed animals that talked. All gone. Removed from her room.

Then there's Eunice. Fabulous lady, generous to a fault. When she left all her possessions were in her apt as the water was sprewing out her electrical switches and outlets. I saw her the day she came home and was so pleased to see her. I saw her a few days later too and asked if her computer was up and running so I could email her and was told her computer was there but not up and running. I asked what happened thinking it got wet but alas... nope.. it was now missing an integral part! Was there when she wadded through the water during evacuation!

Money... jewellery... computers... laptops... cameras... watches.. you name it and it got up and walked. Oh, then there's the lady that had a wool coat and every month she took $50 from her disability cheque and put it in the pocket of that old wool coat in her closet. When they took her to look at her belongings down in the bowels of this building miraculously her old wool coat was there but the $50 bills in the pocket had disappeared.

How about the woman who had the unmitigated gall to go to the seniors holiday dinner and not only get served a full holiday meal but also took a $40 gift card that was meant for the seniors of this building who had nothing! We all just figured she was a resident from up the street. The program gets lots of new faces so no one even considered she didn't belong there. Until the volunteer who served her got in the elevator and there she was, hard hat and all!! He said to her he thought she was a senior and the guard in the elevator said "her? No! She's a cleaner". What she is is a thief. She was reported and they got the gift card back but she probably had another one that was given out too if she had the nerve to take the first one. I'd love to know what her excuse was. Didn't she think it was odd that she was the only worker there in the room? Thief.

Over and over and over again. One story after the other. Gone.. disappeared... lost... none of which apply here, the only word that applies is "stolen".

And the kicker to all this, these people that stole from all these poor people, the ones on old age pension, ODSP, OW or work for minimum wage, were hired by the City of Toronto. And there folks, is where your tax money goes.


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