This isn't funny. This is getting so expensive that I stopped being able to afford to replace stuff a long time ago. This is my roaster. This is an expensive one. T-Fal. In perfect condition. Well it was until the mice got to it. I was needing to use a roaster tomorrow however this one is heading down the garbage chute. More and more and more of my stuff goes down the garbage chute these days. It's a daily occurance. Doesn't matter if you put something in plastic, they just eat through the plastic. So I can keep some food in here like pancake mix or bisquick or even flour I have ended up having to go and purchase glass containers with screw type lids. More expense. There are still days in this month and I have .20 cents in my wallet. I am so sick of living like this. It's disgusting and depressing. I used to have a beautiful full set of pots and pans from the smallest pot to a huge stock pot but not any more. And all were T-Fal. I end up throwing out dishes too. Spices.. you name it, it gets the bin at some point in time.

This is what I found today when we took out the roaster...

And yes, I still want the name of the person from Public Health and Housing that claimed this unit was habitable and ok to come home to.

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