Here we go folks..

So... now you have no phone, no cable, no computer, no furniture (btw, they love wooden furniture too), no food, no pets and a stock of warfarin and lysol/clorox wipes. Oh and mint sprinkled around. Enjoy!

Don't anyone ever try to tell me that my 2 lovebirds birdseed is the cause of this again. There is no birdseed in my kitchen and for that matter I don't even keep food in there either any more. There's no food in my washroom either and they are in there too. No food in the bedrooms either but they are there as well. They are behind the wall unit. No food back there for sure. And no, my birds do not get out and fly around the apt. either. It's ridiculous and it's insulting to think that you think I'm that damned stupid. Housing is just trying to lay blame anywhere it can other than itself. I had the lovebirds long before I had the damn mice. They were in the same place, same cage. I got the birds in May 2009, almost 2 years ago. They had this building completely empty of everyone for at least 8 days, they should have fumigated and trapped everything in here while they had the chance. Who's fault is that? And it's not like they didn't know there was a pest issue in this building. They had a committee on it.


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