ok.. So here is the fire update sign. Explain this to me please. They are suppose to be walking the floors I take it for 12 hrs a day. The other 12 hrs (evening and overnight hrs) the fire alarm is actually working. Oh yes, we do hear it. In the middle of the night it terrorizes us all. Now, scan down and check out what else this sign states. It say "please follow normal evacuation procedures". And exactly what are they? Has anyone told us? No. Has anyone shown us? No. So in case of fire are people going to panic and run the hell down the stairs in the smoke? Stupid. It also mentions we should follow the instructions of the fire marshall on our floor. Really? And where is he? or she... they do not exist any more. Haven't for some time now. One thinks it's time for a new fire update and some instruction in "normal evacuation procedures".

If they are going to have this fire alarm on 12 hrs a day why don't they put it on during the day hours so if it goes off at least we won't be so terrified because there are other personel in the bldg during the day hours.

And it would be extremely kind and thoughtful if the City of Toronto/TCHC/Toronto Fire Dept. (any of the above) would have the decency to come over the P.A. system and let us know it's a false alarm. They don't say a freakin word. We on the other hand are panicked, are up at whatever time it is, 3 am, 4 am, get dressed, grab our "emergency bag" and wait stressed to the limits. All of us, the adults, the kids, even our pets. We wait until the alarm stops but God forbid someone would have the courtesy to say there is nothing to be worried about and tell us it's a false alarm. I have an email from the Fire Dept that tells me that they are suppose to use that P.A. system every single time they are here for an alarm. Maybe they need to get the message across to the local depts.

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