Extreme mess and major fire hazard!

If I have a fire, this is the reason why. And I want everyone to know it too because I'm sick and tired of living like this and complaining about it. I can't get mouse bait from TCHC on a regular basis and the mice keep coming in here by the truckload it seems. They run through the halls, come under the door and in to party with the rest of their family. I clean, my friends clean, my family cleans and I'm still living like this. Last time I managed to get bait traps he came only to give me two again. A few days prior to that the super showed up when I complained again (all I do is bitch these days) and when I open my door he has a bunch of those stupid sticky traps that collect nothing but dust and the odd roach. I told him I didn't want them, they were useless and told him I wanted bait traps. He said he doesn't have them, can't get them. So he booked me for the pest control guy on the coming Friday. I told him don't send them if he's going to only give me 2 bait traps. 2 are useless when you have the amount of mice I have. So the guy comes on Friday with... yup.. 2 bait traps!! I told him I won't accept less than 5 or 6. He tells me he can't give me that many. I go back and forth with this guy telling him there is no sense me putting down 2 traps when I have 2 dozen mice. So he finally goes digging in his big bag and pulls out 5 bait traps and asks me not to tell anyone because he can get into trouble, he's not suppose to give this many out. Sure.. ok..

So today I had yet another gross and extreme mess to clean up. However this one is a major fire hazard as well. Look below at the picture of my powerbar! Nice huh? The mice have pee'd and crapped all over this corner of my home. My powerbar I managed to clean, the keyboard below it is now down the chute and in the garbage compactor, the printer is going downstairs to the garbage as well. I'll have my techie get the hard drive out of the computer in that corner and it can get the garbage as well. Thanks to the mice. Who can afford to throw all this stuff out? A complete computer, keyboard, printer. All because the mice used it as a washroom. I'll take pics of the printer before I toss it out too.


This will cause a major fire one day with them peeing into electrical things like this. Needless to say, I turned the powerbar off to clean it all. The cords for my vacuum and phone charger are plugged into this.


Now.. use your imagination and think about what my printer looks like. I'm sure you can understand why it's heading into the garbage too.

In case you're wondering.... this area was cleared out and cleaned out just prior to the fire because I installed a new floor so the entire room was cleared out of furniture and when it all went back into the room it was thoroughly dusted and washed down from top to bottom because I normally cannot reach the top of the wall unit there and the top shelves so my family helped me do a good and thorough cleaning on top and behind everything before putting it back in place. I had not used that computer since being evacuated so it's been left alone for a few months and that's what it looks like now. It's an older computer so I don't always use it but it has older programs on that don't work on this computer so I keep it and access those programs now and then. So much for that idea now.

Makes me wonder the money I've put out in papertowels, cloths to clean with, money to launder some of that, clorox wipes which I always have at least 4 packages in the apt at a time, floor cleaner, etc. etc. etc.

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