Enough with the flyers and bullhorns!!

Everyone in this building has been pushed beyond anything they ever thought they could endure. Many are feeling it psyhologically. Every time this damn fire alarm goes off we all jump out of our skin. Even my freakin dogs if they even hear a siren outside start to wail or at a minimum freak out and run down the hall to the fire alarm box in my apt and look up at it and whine.

  The other day the security guard on this floor who is on fire watch is handed a bunch of flyers to shove in our doors. These are the update flyers. Fairly redundant but occasionally say something new. Anyway, for whatever reason they feel the need to shove these things through our door in the middle of the night through the mail slot usually waking everyone in the household.

Tonight though, we got a little extra for free. The moron was walking around with the bullhorn while doing this and set off the freakin alarm on it!! Off it goes, wailing a siren at 3 in the morning. Pretty much waking up everyone on the floor because the moron doesn't know how to turn it off either! So now our hearts are all pumping out of our chests and this twit is the reason why.

Why do they allow these people to have these bullhorns when they don't know how to use them? Why do they hire morons who think it's ok to shove something through people's doors in the middle of the night? I have written housing several times about this and it's still done. No respect for the people that live here. We work you know.. our kids sleep... we sleep.. most people are asleep at 3 and 4 am so why the hell are you shoving crap through our doors at this hour?

Oh.. and of course, every single time when I wrote about it, I received no answer. Oh sorry, I did once but the practice continues anyway. Even when brought up at a general meeting.

If it's not one thing, it's another with those damn bullhorns. This isn't the first time that thing has been set off by some guard here. It's at least the 4th time! And every time it always scares the living crap out of all of us. Or they don't even have it here. I'm told when I notice that there is no bullhorn that it's downstairs charging.... hmmm... that's a real benefit if there is a fire now isn't it? Not only do you not know how to use it but it's on the main floor. I guess you just run up and down the halls screaming fire! fire!! fire!! That should have a real calming effect on everyone.

Note * Since this event we no longer have security on each floor because this floor has opened back up for occupancy. So no guard and no bullhorn. Sounds good.. however.. the fire alarm still is not working properly and is only on 12 of 24 hours so what happens if there is a fire during the 12 hrs it's not working????? Don't tell me this isn't so either because there is a big fire update sign in our hall telling us the hours the fire alarm works. I'll take a pic and put it here later.

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